Swampcoolerfilter.com offers a specialty swamp cooler part that filters all debris and dirt before it even reaches the pipes of your Swamp Cooler. The debris, dirt and impurities manifest themselves by clogging the inside of the cooler water lines. This new swamp cooler part will completely eliminate the burden to consumers of having to clean the pipes because the dirt and debris is filtered from the water and never reaches the unit. One FILTER will be good for several months depending on the amount of debris in the reservoir. Changing the swamp cooler FILTER is quick and simple.One simply removes the old swamp cooler part from the filter supply line and "plugs in" a new fresh FILTER. The creator of this FILTER said, "Not only does this eliminate the need to clean and scrub the swamp cooler feed lines and pipes, the unit will work much more efficiently. The Swamp Cooler Filter is the answer to all Swamp Cooler users "maintenance problems."

The SWAMP COOLER FILTER is a specially designed swamp cooler part and filtering device configured to be installed in the water intake hose (or pipe) of existing Swamp Coolers in a position to filter incoming water before it reaches the swamp cooler's lines. This swamp cooler part is illustrated here. Installation instructions are also detailed on our installation information page. They will also be included inside the FILTER"S package when shipped to your home or business.

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